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Crackdown Game Guide


Crackdown Game Guide


Information below is intended for persons with granted authorization only. If you’re not an Agent with access status B, you shouldn’t read it. The one who won’t listen to this warning, will be entered on a list of people hunted by the Agency. All employees will have full right to use any means necessary to eliminate this person. Remember that our coordinators already know that you opened this document, so if you’re not entitled, beware.

Case PC-256/AJF-53 – Initial information

Greetings Agent. First we’d like to congratulate you on assigning this task. Eliminating organized crime from the streets of Pacific City is a true honor given only to the best. That’s why now you’re sitting in the Agency seat, weakened by the long stay in cryogenic chamber. Your body was put through a lot of improvements. Nanomechanisms as well as advanced genetics gave you the potential to be ahead of human limitations in many ways. You became an incredibly strong and agile tool of justice. Of course you need time to learn how to take advantage of your new skills, so don’t expect too much at the beginning. With the course of carrying out subsequent missions, you’ll be able to get at the height of your physical fitness though.

We have analyzed previous missions leading to eliminate gangs in Pacific City and created all information below based on them. Unfortunately, none of Agents managed to carry out this task, but their registration devices transmitted to us exact visual record of locations where every gang leader is staying. Thanks to that and also to our laboratory computer analysis, we prepared this document. Here you will find description of best ways to crack down on all bosses. Before you get to know the information about gangs, you need to learn of your skills and ways to improve them. You will also find out about weapon models suggested to use during the mission.


While preparing you to this mission, our labs concentrated on improving your agility, strength, explosives, driving and firearms skills.

Agility – it is certainly the most important skill of a good agent. It makes you move faster, jump higher and deal better with fall from heights. It can be improved in a few ways. First is to successfully complete Rooftop Races prepared by us. You don’t have to participate in them though. Second is to climb on various buildings and rises and you should do it a lot. We equipped your vision chip in display with green orbs marked on it. By collecting them, you will improve your agility. Remember, that the higher given point is placed, the more experience you gain by achieving it, because you will need to put more effort to do it. The third way to improve your agility is to eliminate enemies at high altitudes – for example, when you’re on the top of the highest building nearby and your enemies are on the street next to it.

Strength – it lets you not only lift heavy objects, throw them and strike more powerful, but also affects your stamina. In other words, the more strength you have, the more shots you can get before your body needs to be replaced. This skill you will improve by melee attacks or throwing various objects at your enemies.

Explosives – this skill you improve by using various explosive weaponry. The more skill you have, the more power will have explosions caused by you.

Firearms – you don’t have to work hard on this skill, because it improves automatically with each shot enemy. The more enemies you shot, the more deadly accurate you will be with various pistols, shotguns and rifles. You will be also able to do more damage.

Driving – Pacific City is quite big and it’s hard to move only by feet. This is why the driving skill is very useful. Vehicles let you not only to move faster, but they also give you cover on the gang territories. You will improve your driving skill by complete Road Races or just by run over your enemies. You can also try to execute car stunts in the spots marked on the display of your vision chip. Experience in driving will help you to change the course of flight after jumping into the air. Our analysis revealed that this particular ability isn’t necessary to complete the mission of cleaning the streets of Pacific City.

There is also another thing that needs special attention – blue orbs. They are placed all over the city in amount of 300. Most probably you will find them in the hidden places such as behind the billboards, rocks or inside the buildings. Some of them can also be found on the roofs of the highest buildings, near spires, aerials and other constructions. Why do we inform you about them? The answer is simple: finding each one of them will get some experience towards every skill.


You have been trained to use any weapon without problem. You can choose any arms you want during the mission. Remember, that every weaponry which you deliver to the Agency supply points, will be stored there and its copies will be also in other magazines of our organization.

Our analysis clearly revealed that in most cases it’s good to take machine gun, rocket and grenades on the mission. This will make you prepared for all circumstances. When it comes to guns, the best choice is Harlington HMG-90 – long-ranged, with good accuracy and capacious magazine. According to us, it should be your main ally. The other useful weapon is Watson HE99-X ‘Firefly’ – rocket with great striking power, precision and ability to fire five shells before reloading. It should be sufficient to give your enemies hell on earth. Each of described weapons you will find on the Shai-Gen territory, so it’s good to pay them a visit and arm before you start eliminating the bosses. Then you just need to put the arms in one of the Agency supplies and use it whenever you want.

Pacific City

Crackdown Game Guide

At this moment, you’re inside our main quarter at the center of Pacific City – the terrain of your mission. By looking at the plans attached to this document you have surely noticed that all the city can be divided to three areas linked by bridges. Each of them is under control of one crime organization. The curious thing is that the gangsters are pleased with the status quo and don’t manifest territorial inclinations. The war of gangs would surely suit us, but well… This way the task of eliminating all enemies is on your shoulders, Agent. When it comes to street clashes, the peacemakers will support you, but on the enemy territory you will be left to your own devices.

All gangs have the same authority structure. There’s the main boss at the top of it, who is supported by four trusted generals and two additional commanders. By eliminating following henchmen, you will weaken not only the boss’ bodyguard but also the whole organization.

Remember, that we granted you superhuman agility not without a reason. City contains not only crowded streets full of cars but also a lot of roofs which will help you to get faster to any destination. Your opponents will be surprised when you’ll attack them from on high.

The Agency supply points are worth mentioning as well. They are storehouses placed all over the city and they have been taken by the enemy. Once you recapture them, you’ll gain a perfect place to store the weapons. You will be also able to use them as teleports to move to the different locations much more faster. The supply points taken by your enemies are marked on your radar by changing color symbols. Once they’re yours, they will turn red. When you’ll approach them, you’ll see they are marked by an orange shaft of light.

About Crackdown Game Guide

Author : Artur “Metatron” Falkowski for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains :
29 pages, 98 images.

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Crackdown Video Game

Crackdown Game Guide

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Real Time Worlds
  • publisher: Microsoft
  • platform: XBOX360
  • rated: PEGI 18+

“Crackdown” pushes the action-driving hybrid genre into the next generation with the introduction of the first-ever truly 3-dimensional persistent playground, highly innovative co-op gameplay and an extensive prop interaction system all while taking place in a massive and highly-stylized urban center. Players are called to unleash explosive judicial oppression on the most powerful, organized crime syndicates in existence. Restitution is the only goal. Players must crackdown on crime, decipher the organization of the gangs, and eliminate the kingpins. All strategies and tactics are acceptable provided players clean up the streets.
Players roam a virtual city built to encourage and allow the full width, depth and height of the space to be explored and exploited. Free form gameplay, over-the-top action and for the first time ever in this genre, players can join up with a friend to take on crime in online cooperative play.
– Brilliant Experience from a Legendary Game Designer: From Dave Jones, the creative mastermind behind “Grand Theft Auto” and “Lemmings” comes “Crackdown,” an explosive masterpiece set to define open-world, free form gaming in the next-generation.
– True Next-Generation Visuals: Harnessing the power of Xbox 360, Crackdown players enforce justice against the backdrop of a crime ridden metropolis, massive in scale, monstrous in scope and meticulous in detail. The unique presentation style employs a highly stylized rendering technique that turns the game into a living graphical novel.

– 3-Dimensional Free Form Gameplay: For the first time ever, an urban playground has been created to encourage players to explore and exploit the full width, depth and height of a city. Players wage war on the syndicates by taking part in high-octane chases on foot and on wheels while using any appropriate route along, around, across, over, under or through the environment. Freedom abounds as it’s up to the player to determine how best to complete the non-linear objectives in a myriad of wild and creative ways.
– Over-the-Top Action: All strategies and tactics are acceptable provided players reclaim the streets by unleashing the awesome abilities inside each Agent. As players develop and hone their gameplay skills, their Agent’s genetic tendencies will increase allowing players to realize their Agent’s full potential. Players will be able to run at dazzling speeds, take death-defying leaps, handle the most incredible weapons, perform impossible vehicular maneuvers, move massive objects and deliver bone-crushing blows.
– Music as Environment: Over 100 licensed tracks, spanning a wide range of styles and genres, give audio identities to characters and locations in Crackdown. Coupled with a next-generation use of 5.1 surround sound, gamers will know just from the music and sound effects they hear which crime syndicate is headed their way.

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