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Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Game Guide


Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Game Guide

Sid Meier's Civilization IV Game Guide

The following guide is not prepared for veteran players looking for highly advanced strategies, enabling them to perform things like winning in 100 turns. However, if you are a novice looking for rather basic information and guidelines, this text is just for you.

I hope of course that more advanced players find some interesting pieces of advice here, but my main objective was to help a beginner who has never played Civilization before.

I’ve assumed that reader knows the game’s manual and knows how to use the Civilopedia so I’ve avoided copying information from both sources except when it was absolutely necessary.

Civilization IV is, as every game from the series, very complex and open ended. Your gaming experience is different every time you start a new game. That’s why it’s impossible to give any kind of strictly defined winning strategy – what may be a good choice in one game may lead to your quick downfall in any other one.

It is very important to learn how to plan every decision. “Focus” is the key word. Not only have you to know how to do something, but also why.

There are many tools in game which give you lot of important information about your empire and your competitors. The most useful one is the point ranking which makes it possible to compare your civilization to other nations.

Other tools worth remembering are your advisors (f1-f7) and statistics screen (f10) – use them often.

Last technical information: all numbers in this guide are based on a standard settings game (world size: standard, normal speed).

About Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Game Guide

Author : Lukasz “Gajos” Gajewski for

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains :
21 pages, 17 images.

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

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Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Video Game

Sid Meier's Civilization IV Game Guide

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Firaxis
  • publisher: 2K Games
  • platform: PC CD/DVD
  • rated: 12+

With over 6 million units sold and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier’s Civilization is recognized as one of the greatest PC game franchises of all-time. Now, Sid Meier and Firaxis Games will take this incredibly fun and addictive game to new heights by adding new ways to play and win, new tools to manage and expand your civilization, all-new easy to use mod capabilities and intense multiplayer modes and options. Civilization IV will come to life like never before in a beautifully detailed, living 3D world that will elevate the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Civilization IV has already been heralded as one of the top ten games of 2005, and a must-have for gamers around the globe!
– Faster-Paced Fun – Gameplay has been streamlined for a tighter, faster, and more compelling experience.
– Greater Accessibility and Ease of Play – An easy-to-use interface will be immediately familiar to RTS and action game players, and newcomers to the series will be able to jump in and play.
– Tech Tree – Flexible Tech tree allows players more strategic choices for developing their civilizations along unique paths.
– More Civs, Units, and Improvements to enhance and grow your empire.
– Multiplayer -LAN, Internet, PBEM, and Persistent Turn-Based Server (PTBS) offer players all-new strategies and ways to play when competing or cooperating with live opponents.
– Team Play – Whether playing multiplayer or single player, team play offers a new way of setting locked alliances that result in shared wonder effects, visibility, unit trading, and shared territory that delivers a plethora of new strategic and tactical options.
– Civ IV comes to life! – Beautiful 3D world with dozens of fully animated units (including culturally unique units), and totally customizable armies. Cities and wonders will appear on the map. Wonder movies are back!

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV PC version System Requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 4 Ti4200 or better), 1.7 GB HDD, Windows 2000/XP

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