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Spore Game Guide

Spore Game Guide

Spore Game Guide

How will you create the universe?

Beginning of the game

In the beginning you have to choose difficulty level and what kind of food your cell would be able to eat – plants or maybe meat? You can also make some changes in it’s appearance – but you can change it anytime later in the game.

Spore Game Guide
Spore Game Guide

When you’re done – name your planet and let’s go.

Rules of the game

In the first level it’s all about running for food, fighting other cells and finding additional parts of body. Try to devour plants/meat as much as you can – it stimulates your organism’s development.

Spore Game Guide
Spore Game Guide

Fighting, moving and picking up items – you do it all using the mouse. Point the place you want to go and press the left button to just move there. If your cell on it’s way finds something – it will automatically attack, eat or pick it up.

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Additional parts for the creator are very important – you cannot finish this stage without them. You can find them inside other cells (attack them or look for their ripped parts) or inside the meteor parts. You can obviously stick every element found to your cell.

Spore Game Guide
Spore Game Guide

If you want to change something in your creature – it’s time to start mating ritual. Call your partner and look for the sonic waves showing you it’s location. Find him’her and you should turn on the creator.

Spore Game Guide

About Spore Game Guide

Author : Maciej “Sandro” Jalowiec for

Translator : Maciej “Von Zay” Makula

last update : May 5, 2016

Guide contains :
33 pages, 108 images.

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Spore Video Game

Spore Game Guide

  • genre: Simulation

  • developer: Maxis
  • publisher: Electronic Arts
  • platform: PC
  • rated: Everyone 10+ / Pegi 12+

The Spore universe is made up of five phases with different challenges and goals. You may choose to start with the cell phase and nurture one species from its humble aquatic origins to its evolution as a sentient species. Or you may decide to start building tribes or civilisations on multiple planets. What you do with your universe is up to you.

Key features:

Sandbox Gameplay:
Create our own personal universe where you can evolve life, establish tribes, build civilisations and even sculpt entire worlds.

Evolutionary Gameplay:

World Creators:
Easy-to-use editors allow you to make everything from creatures and buildings to vehicles and spaceships.

Shared Content:

Spore PC version System Requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 2 GHz, 768 MB RAM, graphic card 128 MB (GeForce 6600 or better), 6 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista

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